Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Kemerovo Institute (branch) of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics provides multi-level training of continuing professional education.


Vocational education

02.09.03 Programming in computer systems

09.02.04 Information systems

09.02.05 Applied Computer science

38.02.01 Economics and Accounting

38.02.04 Commerce

38.02.05 Commodity Research and quality examination of consumer goods

40.02.01 Law and Social Security Organization

Higher Education – Bachelor degree


03.09.03 Applied Informatics (profiles: Applied Informatics in Economics)

38.03.01 Economics (profiles: Economics of enterprises and organizations; Finance and credit;

World Economics; Accounting, analysis and audit)

38.03.02 Management (profiles: Enterprise Management; Real Estate Management)

38.03.03 Human Resource Management (profiles: without profile)

38.03.05 Business Informatics (profiles: without profile)

38.03.06 Trading Business (profiles: Commerce; Marketing in trade)

40.03.01 Law (profiles: State-legal; Civil and legal; Criminal law)

Higher education - Specialty

38.05.01 Economic Security («Economic and legal provision of economic security»)

Graduate (master) degree programs

09.04.03 Applied Informatics (graduate degree program: Management and business information technology)

38.04.01 Economics (graduate degree programs: Financial and Business Management; International Economics and Business)

38.04.02 Management (graduate degree program: General and Strategic Management)

38.04.04 Public and Municipal Administration (graduate degree program: management and property assessment)

38.04.08 Finance and Credit (graduate degree program: Innovation banking strategy and technologies)

40.04.01 Jurisprudence (graduate degree programs: Corporate lawyer; Lawyer in field of law-enforcement and human rights)

Higher education – postgraduate programs

19.06.01 Industrial ecology and biotechnologies (Commodity research of the foodstuff and product technology of public catering)

38.06.01 Economics (Economics and management of national economy)